10 Reasons

… to Join the Art Association of Oswego

  1. Display your artwork for free at the AAO Annual Member Show! The winner of “Best of Show” gets their own solo show the following year.
  2. Support workshops for children,  senior citizens and people with special needs.
  3. Learn something new.
  4. Receive early alerts about upcoming art events and workshops.
  5. Help support and provide a venue for art appreciation and cultural enrichment for the surrounding areas.
  6. Receive discounts on classes, events, and be offered unique opportunities throughout the year.
  7. Show off your work online. Members may provide photos of their work for display on the AAO website and  have a link to their personal website.
  8. Receive periodic newsletter updates.
  9. Explore and further your creative side.
  10. Keep the arts alive!

Please partner with us (AAO brochure 2017) in keeping Arts Alive!